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Thanks for the advice everyone!<p>All good ideas, and will keep in mind for my next projects.<p>For this one, though, I found a solution that will work.<p>To start, I wanted to try some other blocks, but since the stairs are already set, I couldn't get the steps out without pulling the whole thing.<p>Second, I don't have a grinder yet and can't swing the $250 for the diamond cup yet, but I think, in a couple more jobs, I will get the grinder and diamond cup. Had some other instances where it would of come in handy. A great idea that I will get as soon as my 'budget' allows it.<p>So, what I did was this. I feathered some strips of paver bond along the the top of the blocks and let it dry. It gave me the 'level seat' I was looking for (at least close enough, but still would like better). I then put adhesive on again and let it dry. <p>It seems to be holding up good. I've stepped on it a few times, and it feels just as solid as the others, so I think I have gotten by this time.<p>I will have some pics posted in a few days to show how it came out. Will try to get them in here, or will post them on Guido's page. thanks Dave<p>steveair<p>steveair
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