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BRL:<p>I am using paver bond by pave tech and the directions state about the same as you said.<p>basic set up takes about 30 minutes, at this point the blocks no longer 'float around' but can be pulled up easily.<p>Set up time for light traffic is around 24 to 48 hrs. Total set up time is almost 2 weeks. I think they say it is something like 80% percent strong after 48 hrs.<p>Some ideas on why you may have had some problems.<p>1. moisture- were the cap or block a little damp, for this can cause the pave bond to fail. I have this problem sometimes because I cut all my caps and line them out first before I glue, then it rains, and if the caps are on the wall, moisture build between the two and takes a long time to dry, so some times I 'rush' it and glue anyway.<p>2. traffic - in order to set properly, the caps should not be moved at all during that 24-48 hr period. Even a little movement can cause a problem. If the homeowner walked on it the next day, then the glue may have needed more time still.<p>3. Applied too much - Pave bond is very funny when you over apply. If you are leaving over 1/4 inch thick beads, it can take a LONG time to bond. More is not better with pave bond, as if it is too thick it just never sets. It may bond some, but never really sets up.<p>steveair<p><p>
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