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Thanks guys!<br>Paul, <br>I've used that epoxy glue you're talking about while working for a general contractor. That's serious stuff. We used it to mount all thread into holes drilled into the concrete pad that the steel girders were bolted to, that held up a warehouse. Your steps and caps are definitely never moving.<br>Steve,<br>1. 92 degrees, sunny and low humidity. Moisture was not an issue.<br>2. The glue I had didn't say anything about cure times. (Never used a product with important issues like that that didn't have those instructions on the label) The customer & I just kind of put a little weight on them after about 30 hours to see what was going on. So I waited one more day and went for the concrete.<br>3. Bingo! That makes a lot of sense. I probably had more like 38 inch bead and put a little extra on &quot;just to make sure&quot;. I'm about to do a step at my house so I'll give it another try following your advice.<br>Thanks.
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