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OK, here is what I was thinking...

In addition to the "landscape coach" (as I will call Stonehenge's idea), what about a landscape advisor?

Not a landscape consultant (who basically does the same thing as most full fledged landscapers, except the actual work.)

But a landscape advisor would assist homeowners in choosing a landscaper for their project, based on quality, price etc. as well as making recommendations from received bids. And could also check the work at set intervals to ensure that everything is as planned and quality is up to par. Kind of like a building inspector for landscaping.

A few things I realize:

Not good - Could be seen as "playing favorites."
Good - Good landscapers would have an "out-sider" steering clients away from unprofessional and/or unqualified (read low-ballers) landscapers. Which would only help the "good guys."

Of course this would not be a profession for anyone currently employed by a landscaping company. That WOULD be a conflict of interest.

What are your feelings about this idea? Good points? Bad points?

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