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Originally Posted by Captains Landscape View Post
Why do you post pictures and then reject the criticism? Why bother posting then?

-You should have used solid caps on you pillars.
-Radius joints around the fire pit are WAY to wide. Learn to cut your pavers to maintain interlock and so it looks good.
-Fire pit should have a mortared firebrick liner…..unless they never intend to use it.
I can handle criticism, thats how you learn. As long as it constructive and not just someones personnel choice.

Our local supply yard does sell solid limestone caps but there $113.00 each and they stain and mark easy. The cap we built $28.00. I could see us going though 6 of them too get four good ones. I also think it would look better but im a big believer in the KISS method.

The gaps in the paver was a little consern of ours. I am for sure not going to cut every brick in the first four to five rows. I didnt want to waste 2/3rds of a circle kit just to get the last few rows of the circle kit but next time i will.

never heard of a firebrickliner ??? tell me more please. I think this will be fine. Ive done many of them like this and never had problems with bricks cracking, But id like a guarantee.
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