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Yes and no.
Landscape Architects are more involved with the "big picture", things like planning the landscape, design, and in part, overseeing the install.
I am thinking more like a "good friend in the business." Not really giving design ideas or even suggestions.

Think financial/investment advisor + building inspector.... for your yard.

Helping more with the business side of landscaping jobs than the creative side.

As with many occupations, there may be a little overlap of boundries, but I can't think of any current occupation that focuses on this end of the equation.

First, you help them make in informed decision on which landscape company/designer/architect/etc. Then if they wish, you inspect the work to see that it complies with standards and/or the written contract. But at no point are you actually in charge of any creative decisions or day to day construction supervision.

Remember, a lot of this comes natural to those of us in the business, but many homeowners are lost when it comes to these things. That's why they hire designers, they don't know what to do or how to do it. They would benefit from a third party, to keep them from getting "taken" by "less than honorable" contractors that perform sub-quality work that could cost them even more money to correct after the fact.

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