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Originally posted by Stonehenge
The other thing at play here is opportunity cost. If I spend 5 hours doing this, how much could I have made if I'd spent that same time supervising a crew on an install, or selling a project to another client? Would I have made $250?

The more I write the less I like my idea........
Only you can answer that, but I bet you could make more selling or installing yourself.

I am not totally against it though ... our design department gets bogged down and turns away lots of consultations because they are busy doing full designs .... we have a two hour min . $60.00 per hour.

What about having a employee doing this hardscape consulting for you? A good guy would jump at this opportunity . You would have very little start up cost of this division .... just advertising, transit for setting grades for them ...piece of cake.

The more I write ...the more I like the idea You would also get a ton of extra work either right away or down the road.
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