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every wonder why our services are sometimes not considered as a "professional" service or industry ?

you sell a service to a consumer ..... they pay "the price"

you sell the same service a 2nd time ..... send this invoice .... for the same previous service but at a greater prices (even if only $1.00)

and did not give them any notice of the increase ...before serviced ???

this should not even be a question .... not that it is not valid for one to ask .....the answer is YES send notice BEFORE

treat the customer ..... no less than we expect to be treated when we are the consumer

say you go to buy a sub .... evey week for months .... same sub ....same price .... it's $5.00 with tax you only have $5 n are hungry ....I'm getting a sub .... I order ....have my $5 in hand .... she comes up ....n bingo she is $6 with tax ....who is going home hungry today ?

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