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I think some of you are missing the ideas, or not reading all the posts.

Stonehenge was talking about assisting DIYers.

I am talking about a little different concept (although both services could be provided by a landscape "advisor"). The direction I was taking was not for DIYers. It would be marketed towards the homeowners that do not want to do it themselves, but at the same time want to ensure that they have made intelligent informed decisions, and a little peace of mind that they are getting exactly what they are paying for.

Many people use financial firms to handle all the financial aspects of their life, many use financial advisors to assist them in financial aspects of their life, and many "go it alone." The same goes for landscape projects, although they usually hire a firm to handle it all, or go it alone. This gives them another option in between the two extremes.

I am not saying that there is a huge market for this right now, but there certainly is potential. And the overhead would be extremely low, with advertising and marketing being your biggest expense.

The reason that this potential market even exists is because there is such little regulation in the landscaping industry, and because there will always be scrubs. I think this would only help the professional landscapers while also raising the bar for scrubs. The scrubs either get their act together and become professionals, or face the fact that consumers are getting help in weeding them out.

Stonehenge: How much business did the guy you mentioned have? Was he the one that made the initial contact with you or was it the customer?
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