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Originally Posted by Petr51488 View Post
You got yourself a nice operation going here. What are your plans for leaf cleanup. I know you said that you were teaming up with someone. Why do that if you could make the money? Once i get my loader and dump trailer set up, i'll post a few pics of my setup. Now its firewood time.
Reason why we would team up is between the two of us we have all the right tools to get any size leaf cleanup job accomplished. My p/u just doesnt cut it very well having a leaf box, loader and trailer all at the same time. The plan is my truck would just haul a trailer with equipment and the other landscaper will drive only the dump truck with a huge leaf box and loader so we never have to unhook trailers and are able to bring everything we need. I will still make a good profit and we'll be much more efficient so it will all add up.
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