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Hi guys it's been along time since i sat at this computer and looked at the forum . I've been busy to say the least. I'm still doing work i got from the garden show in march i can't believe what a garden show does to boost a small company into the major leagues. hey got some new tools that i think any residential landscaper could use. #1 trench n edge trencher its a god send for putting brick edging in did 125 in no time flat took longer to get the trencher off the truck than to trench. level your base and install the bricks no big dirt clods to brake up like when you shovel your trench 2800.00 well spent. #2 dr. power wagon found in organic gardening magazine. this thing saves alot of back work with a regular wheel barrow i love it i haul bricks around the house behind the trencher ,dirt, mulch etc. fits threw gates and best of all on my s-10 truck quick and handy. #3 10 inch one man post auger northern hyd. catalog sweet i plant 2 gallon pots with ease. and i have the best dirt to back fill with soft no clods.<p>the outdoor structures i built for the show took off i have done three real good jobs and have 4 or 5 more to do , pergolas trellis, arbors, hot tub enclosers etc. <p>do what no one does and watch the people flock to your door . see ya jarrett<p>what do you guys have for tools that make your life go a little easier ?
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