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I recently bought the Mantis. The mini tiller. This thing is great. I use if for all sorts of tilling applications. Best thing is it is light and easy to get into all spaces. It doesn't quite do the job on heavy clay sites but what does. It is also useful, since I can't afford a trencher right now, for creating a small trench in front of beds.<br>I am hoping next year to get a Toro Dingo. These things are awesome. If you do a lot of landscape jobs it is comparable to doing the work of two men. Do the math on the monthly payments of 600 dollars and you can see how it saves on labor.<br>Another neat little tool that I am considering buying for next year is a sod cutter. These things make establishing a bed simple.<br>I'd love to hear any other neat little tools people have used. I saw that power wagon thing in a commercial and it looks pretty handy.<p>----------<br>Integrated Landscape Solutions<br>Lexington, KY
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