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Originally Posted by Superior L & L View Post
Thanks for being constructive and not just straight up bashing .
Thanks for the spelling help, Oh and by the way its plants not plands LOL

I also wrote and planted the arbs 2' away from the AC not 2"

The rejuvenative pruning is something that interest me and im going to talk to some state assoc. about it.

I also have to agree with the La's comment. Sitting at a desk is WAY different to how it comes together in the field. I find this even more true with hardscaping they just dont understand

hand pruning is almost non existent.... we get guys that have 15-18 years of experience and when i hand them a set of loppers and a felco 62 hand saw and tell them go go prune.. they get a glazed over look and ask where the hedge trimmers are....
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