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Hello,<p>I'm in the process of deciding what kind of paver saw I want to buy and ran into a dilema. <p>I'm looking to get a basic model paver saw just to cut the pavers (10 inch, around 1000, MK/target, electric) but then saw a 14 inch gas model with honda motor for 2000.<p>Was wondering if I could use the 14&quot; saw to also cut wall block (usually 6 inch thick). I ask this because I am also about ready to buy a demo saw (around 800 to a 1000) and thought that if the paver saw could cut both for $2000, then it would make sense. I know I could use the 14&quot; saw for cutting the cap units (the amaller brick saw usually has trouble with these), which is usually where I need the demo saw the most, but would like to be able to cut the blocks too. Being I would only need to by ONE diamond blade instead of two, it also seems like it would be more savings.<p>Any comments appreciated because I need to purchase saw/saws in a week for jobs I have lined up.<p>steveair
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