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Hey Steve - <p>I wouldn't mess with an electric - if you're at a residential job you'll be popping circuit breakers all day. As for the 14&quot; tub saw - you won't be able to get the clearance to get the block through, and you'd need to cut it on both sides (14&quot; blade, w/ 4&quot; arbor guard means only 5&quot; cutting depth). For cutting retaining wall block I use a 16&quot; Partner K950. You can get through a 6&quot; block with that without flipping the block over. <p>But if I had $2k to spend on saws, I guess I'd buy a 12&quot; Partner and a 16&quot; Partner. Or one 16&quot; with different sized blades. The 14&quot; tub saws are really only good for pieces that are 4&quot; tall and shorter. Unless you start getting into the monster 20&quot; tub saws.
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