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Hello,<p>thanks for the replies, very interesting in what you guys have. <p>I guess my main problem is 1. money and 2. don't do as many jobs as you.<p>I have always done my paver work using a 1.5 hp electric tub saw. And yes, your right, its a real pain to be flipping breakers all the time, especially when the customer isn't home.....<p>I have seen guys use just cut-off saws for paver works, but always thought it was a pain to hold the smaller paver and try to cut it with the big saw, especially when you just have to cut off a small corner. Thats why I have always used the tub saw. <p>I'm still not sure, but so far, heres what I got now. I guess I'll scratch the idea of the 14&quot; tub saw for block, and just get a cut-off saw for the block work. Right now, I have a deal to get a used TS 400 stihl for around 400. It's only 12&quot;, and I know I will have to flip blocks, but I have grown use to this and figure that for know it will have to do until I can swing the cash for the 16&quot;. Plus, most of my work is pavers only, so I will not have to do this as much.<p>The 11hp tub saw sounds like a monster. I wasn't even aware they had ones that big. <p>What I am thinking about doing is maybe getting the 14&quot; tub saw with 5.5hp honda for pavers. Paul, I know you said 9hp min, but I don't even know where to get one, none the less afford one. Since I'm use to the small electric tub, the gas 5.5 should be a good step up..........and no fuses to blow, which I am in agreement with you on being a big pain the ass. <p>So, for around 2500 (plus diamond blades), I'll have a used 12&quot; cut-off and a new 14&quot; tub with gas power. Does this sound alright.<p>Then again, maybe I should think about just buying a new 16&quot; cut off and scratch the tub. I'm confused now. <p>Say, where do you guys park your trailers at night.............just kidding.<p>I envy you guys for the setups you have. <p>thanks,<br>steveair <p>
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