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Boy, I'd be careful with a used cutoff saw. I've seen guys burn through those in a single season. If you can, prior to purchasing, take the muffler off of it - it's a two cycle, so if you press that compression release button and pull the starter cord slowly, you'll be able to see the side of the piston through the exhaust port. It should be smooth as silk. If you see vertical grooves, it may have been misused, and only have a little life left. And not worth repairing. Parts are too expensive, and many brands you can't take apart without destroying part of the saw.<p>I bought my first Partner (16&quot last year and absolutely loved it. HP to burn, reliable as anything. I bought a 12&quot; this year to use for pavers - cut 'em while they lay on the base - the blade goes just a smidge deeper than the brick. Don't even have to carry the brick to a tub saw. You could do double duty with a 16&quot; - just buy a 16&quot; blade and a 12&quot; blade - then you can cut both brick and block, and you're still way under budget. The 12&quot; blade can handle the K950 RPMs (5500, I think).<p>You'll still have some oddball cuts you can't get to with the 12&quot;, but if you've already got that electric, you could use that when cutting around sump lines, buried downspouts, etc.<p>Do it that way and I think what Paul said is dead-on - you'll save all kinds of time. If it takes you more than 1 hr to cut in the projects you do, you'll save time this way.
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