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Hello,<p>stonehenge, you said for jobs that take more than 1 hr, the cut-off will save me time. <p>Cutting usually takes me a long time, almost always over a couple of hours at least. For a 60 ft walk, it takes me close to 4 plus hrs to cut in the sides with the tub saw (with myself and a helper) and thats with having pavers already lined up along walk ready to go. <p>I don't know if this is good or not. All I know, is that I am very precise with my cuts and make them all 'right' on. I know guys that do it in half the time I do, but then I know people that say my work looks twice as good, though I charge a little more. <p>I rememember doing a sub job for a other contractor, and he couldn't believe how long it took me to cut. However, when it was finished, it was funny, because all his crew who were there working on another part of the yard said, &quot;wow, Our's never look that good&quot;. Even funnier, the guy did a walk in the back, and the homeowner herself said that my worked looked much better than the one in the back. The contractor kind of swallowed some pride on that one.<p>I like the quality of cut I am getting now, and am afraid to lose it. This is partly why I am someone &quot;stuck&quot; in my ways per say. <p>By the way, who ever mentioned the problems with buying a used cut-off made me rethink again and I guess I won't. <p>Looking at the partners now. Saw a 16&quot; model 995 (i believe) for around 950 at Maybe the safer way to go. <p>Starting to think I may never get these saws now..........<p>By the way, where is a good edco dealer. Interested in taking a look at one.<p>Thanks again,<p>steveair
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