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Originally Posted by oakhillslandscaping View Post
thats looks frigan awsome micah im planning on doing similar but on hood instead im thinking but yours is sweet
Yup. cost $57 for the lettering work and it took the sign shop a while because they had to make templates and stuff so the lettering would fit the curve. He said 3 hours.
Originally Posted by 02DURAMAX View Post
I was going to do that but then my bug deflector broke!!...I guess I'm just going to put it on the paint
Get another one.
Originally Posted by deere615 View Post
Bug deflectors always look nice, I added one to my truck not long after I got it, I should letter mine like that, yours looks awesome!
DO it!
Originally Posted by Lawn Freak View Post
Looks good Micha. Man how often do you wash that truck, it always looks clean. That bug deflector is really sweet. I have one on my truck. Maybe I'll get it done when I have my signs for the truck made. Not sure though
Every saturday if possible. thanks.
Originally Posted by boston9915 View Post
That's really a finishing touch for that truck, looks great. (Although I'm sure you have a list of things to do to it......)
Nope not done yet.
Originally Posted by Signature Landscaping1 View Post
Looks awesome Micah, especially with the chrome grill!
Gives it a bold look now how bout you do the same.
Originally Posted by deere615 View Post
Everytime I get on here he did something new to his truck, but he has one heck of a nice looking truck, it is always clean! I wish mine looked that nice
And you havent seen the signs for the dump body which top everything else i've done. Gotta do welding and new side boards but i have two 2'x8' signs that are all tricked out lol. A day doesn't go by when i dnt get comments. ok i'll stop being a bigshot now.
Originally Posted by boston9915 View Post
Yup you got it lol.... it always looks good

Especially for a 1999!!!
hey nobody is supposed to know that.
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