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Originally Posted by btnj47 View Post
Looks like you put a "05" grill and lights on it too . looks good fords always do the lettering on the bug shield came out great also its not a bad idea , I might do it also.
Ya i did update the headlights and grille
Originally Posted by Signature Landscaping1 View Post
You know now i might have to once i have a little money kickin around.
Sounds like a plan
Originally Posted by TXNSLighting View Post
Try for an 07 350-550. They had the best track record for 6.0's.
Yup thats true.
Originally Posted by MysticLandscape View Post
Ya that doesnt prove anything you turned the lights on an parked it in front of the truck, just give it back to me you don't even use it.
Was waiting for someone to say that. I mowed 4 lawns that day with it. I'll get some action shots within the next few days if it doesn't blowup first.
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