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pay starts when work starts, however the start of work may be getting in the truck to head out, or an hours worth of equipment maintenance.

pay ends when we part for the day.

if we have downtime...i eat it, its not their fault and they have better things to do than sit at the mower dealership and do nothing. so if we're down they get paid.

i dont pay through lunch, .5 hours gets taken out of their time.

i dont do the 10 & 2 breaks, they get enough break time between lawns. during the summer or on a really tight route i do offer them a few minutes, but normally i work anyway and they dont like sitting watching me work.

the lowest i start at is $8/hr, if they prove themselves to me pay goes up. the most i pay is $12/hr.

once they've earned my trust they also get some benefits (i.e. truck usage, equipment privileges, nextel phone...)
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