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Bobcat/Skidsteer rental biz?

I apologize if this is in the wrong category but I didn't think it went well in the landscaping or lawnmowing business management threads.

Does anyone who has experience or rents machinery think that owning a small Bobcat/Skidsteer rental business as a secondary source of income would be a good line of work? I get quite a few calls about renting my machines or attachments and sometimes a small excavator.

What I thought of so far:


-Extra source of revenue instead of directing people to other rental stores or competitors with smaller equipment
-More contacts might lead to more jobs especially on the ones where the renter can't complete or needs bigger machine like my big chipper
-Can deliver and do many small field repairs myself
-Have all the room I need already to store machines and a place to do repairs
-I am good at advertising and have contacts


-More work for me (i'm a solo operator). Timewise, when I'm busy, I just don't have much time except weekends.
-My days off are usually weather related anyway
-More debt plus repairs
-Headaches of credit cards again
-If a machine is down and I'm on another job, I'd have to take off or send out the expensive repair guy
-More insurance costs

What am I missing here? I'm not worried about legal stuff or contracts. I can take care of that with contacts I already have.
What machines would I want to look at from bobcat? Everyone seems to rent s175 size machine here. I think they are weak but I'm used to 80-90 hp

Also, for those of you not in my area that don't mind giving up an idea for a secondary line of work, I'm very interested in hearing from you.

Thank you!

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