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[QUOTE=RockSet N' Grade;2562592]I do not know the ins-and-outs of the rental business or the formula's they have worked out for a successful business model. What I do know is that some smaller operators around here have tried renting out their machines to create a second source of income and they come back trashed in a big way. The expense outweighed the potential for income.QUOTE]

We tried renting our one skid to another contractor for a long term/contract type deal and it didn't work to well. Repairs or abuse of our machine and then 'I want it now' all of a sudden and 'we didn't use it as much so we aren't going to pay this month.

I agree with your thought on setting something else up, keep throwing stuff up and you will find a winner. I have for probably the last ten years been tring to start or buy a cranberry marsh but for now it is still the holy grail.
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