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Originally Posted by bobcat_ron View Post
The most improtant thing to remember is, when was the last time you rented a skid steer, you probably said, "oh it's not my POS, let's just beat the piss out of this thing and get the job done faster". I sure wouldn't want that to be my machine, regardless of the name brand.
I don't think it's the contractors who are rough on rental, although some are, but I really think it's more the weekend warriors. They go out and rent the smallest/ cheapest machine and try to do things with a skid steer you need a PC 300 to do. They have no background knowledge of machine and truly beat the living hell out of them. I've seen pictures on the Internet of a takeuchi 140 that someone had rented, somehow managed to knock a track off. well they did not notice the track had become jammed and ripped the track in half. when it was said and done both tracks were jumbled and the machine had to be removed on a roll off tow truck.

And remember how would you like to get a call saying your skid steer is stuck at my place, come and get it.

Pictures from Tow411

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