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Homeowner damaged pavers and want me to fix it.

Title says it all. 2 years ago we redid a landing and walkway for a client I have. We use poly and then sealed it on top of that a month later. It has been flawless since, in fact it was still good on friday cause I stopped for a second while there to admire it. I called him today to talk about some work we are going to do tomorrow and he said that the poly is coming up and the sealer is gone. Funny cause it wasnt 3 days ago. Im guessing he took his commercial grade pressure washer to it and somehow damaged it. I told him I would look at it, but I know this guy well enough to know that he will expect me to repair it under warranty even though he most likely damaged it. How do you deal with this, cause if he really did damage it he wont admit to it outright, and would also be offended if I asked unless it is brutally obvious.
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