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Originally Posted by tthomass View Post
Patio is finished, planted and sodded......working next door on retaining wall, staircase and patio. International is about back in action just in time for WINTER, the 4500 is running strong though. Added more goodies to my car, fired & hired, sold my big dump trailer, lost a $38k job to a $20k bid the other day, work is slowing and finally closing on a foreclosed property I've been after for almost 3 months as I continue to watch my mutual funds shrink while the stock market is scared of its own shadow thanks to stupid politicians and liberal media............thats about it.

I'd upload some pictures but the computer has decided not to recognize the camera being plugged in for some reason.
Thats awesome, can't wait for final pics! I just lost a $12k wall bid to the pool guys. Apparently I was "grossly overpriced" .

I'm interested in the house you speak of, now is a great time to work on a flip or to pick up something on the cheap. Upload those pics when you have a minute!
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