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Best method for one man leaf removal in a large yard

I have about 2 acres of property. Pretty heavily treed around the edges and about 8 huge oaks over the 1 1/2 acres of grass area. I just got a ZTR to mow the lawn and I'm trying to figure out the best way to get rid of the leaves. In other words, what method will allow me ( one person with no helpers) to get the leaves off the lawn in the least amount of time. The two options I'm looking at are...

1) Buy a backpack leaf blower and a wheeled blower ( could use advice on what horsepower to get 5hp, 15hp, or somewhere in between), and blow them into the surrounding wooded areas.

2) Get a cyclone rake to attach to the ZTR. I'll still need to purchase a backpack blower or the optional 17 foot hose to get leaves from the planting beds.

Forgetting the cost of the system, does anyone have any comments on these two options in terms of time involved and any other advantages or disadvantages. Anyone had any experience with both? Thanks
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