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New Hockey Field

I am a landscape contractor who has plenty of experience renovating residential lawns. I usually use round up to kill the existing lawn, power rake it, lime, seed with a tall fescue, and apply a starter fertilizer about 7 days later.

This is going to be my first athletic field to be used for field hockey, it also is going to be a donation to the school from me. The current condition is about a 1 on a scale of 1-10. I was thinking about approaching it the same way as a residential property, round up, raking, lime seed, fert. If any of you have a different approach let me know. I also need an opinion on a type of seed and variety that will be able to cut short in the fall. I would like to use bluegrass but there will not be any irrigation and will have to rely on rainfall. I am located in southeastern Pa so will need to use a cool season grass.

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