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A good plant book would be Dirr's Guide to woody and ornamental. Basically it tells you everything you need to now about most plants. A bit technical, but very informative.<p>As for design books, there really are a endless supply. Though you say you don't want a 'homeowner' book, most all give the same basic design principles. Homeowner books, as you would call them, actually do give you a lot of ideas. The fact is, there are basic design principle that are so simple, yet so often forgotten, that are usually mentioned in every desing bood out there. Even the &quot;landscaping for dummies&quot; book would be of help if you are unaware of any of the basics. <p>Thats what so great about this field. There's a million different ways to look at things. A good start would be to go to one of big book stores and spend some time looking at what they have. I must have 50 books at least, from just picture manuals to books with library's of landscape drawing symbols. I'm always sitting down and looking through them. <p>Ideas can be found anywhere, and usually are in the weirdest places. I used a book about castles of England once that had a beutiful formal garden around it as the basis for one of my designs. <p>Some books are very basic, and may not be of some help, but all in all, they all have something to offer. <p>steveair<br>
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