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OK, probably been asked before but just want to here about any machine errors that any of you may have had. Anything from those unexpected moments, to those moments of shear terror, to those moments where you say, &quot;OH man, I'm a numbnut&quot;.<p>I was reminded of one of mine today.<p>I was working a drainage swail, about 20 feet wide, with a case 580 extendahoe and was pulling big trees out that we had cut down on the other side and that were falling into the swail. Usually the swail is filled with water, but that day it was dry (during the drought last year), but it still is usually full of a little muck. Very deceiving. If you walked across it, it still felt solid........<p><br>Anyways, one tree dropped a little farther away than it was suppose too, and like a dumbass, I extended the hoe all the way out to try and reach it so I didn't have to move again, and well, before i knew it, the machine started sliding a bit. Not a problem right......just catch yourself with the hoe and work yourself out.<p>Well that I did. Only one probem. After I caught myself and start working the machine back up the swail, I ran into a unforseen circumstance. After doing it with success 2 times, I went to move the hoe again to push myself out and, SMUSH. It sank into the muck!!!<p>The machine was stable still, though close to the edge, but the hoe just sank right in. So what I a dumb ass I extend the hoe. Before I knew it, the entire hoe, fully extended, was almost completely stuck straight down into the muck! I couln't believe it (nor could anyone else) It was buried.....The front bucket and wheels were off the ground and the machine was stuck there....<p>what a night mare. <p>I ended up calling for help (good thing I had my company radio in the machine) and we used one of our single axle chevy C50's plow frame on top of the bucket's edge to hold the front end down and give me a enough leverage to get the boom out. Took almost 10 mins just to work it out! <p>Also, during the whole time, we were close to a taxiway, but thank god no planes came in because they wouldn't of gotten pass.<p>After it was out, we had to do some nifty maneuvering to get the machine off the edge and ended up bending the bumper all up on the chevy. <p>When it was all said and done, about 45 minutes later, I couldn't help but say &quot;what a dumb ass&quot; I am. Either could everyone else either......I thought I lived that one down finally untill today!<p>steveair <br>
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