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I had lined up a couple of stump removal jobs at the end of my junior year in highschool. During the course of work that day i had to stop by the school to check on some stuff and i ran into my english teacher. He asked if i could come by his house and grind some stumps. Well i get to his house and the stump is located in his back yard at the bottom of a super steep hill. Of course i figured what the hell we can atleast give it a shot. Well we got it down the hill a little sketchy but we got it down okay. Oh yeah it was a walkbehind grinder a vermeer SC252 that i rented. So we get it down and im grinding away. The stump is fairly big and the ground around it is level on one side and slightly sloped on the other. I decide to move the machine to get a better angle and in the process of moving it i fliped it over. Well the machine contiues to run creating the thick nasty smoke that only burning oil can do. FInaly get it turned off and we try to push it up right, no luck. Had to get my truck at the top of the hill and useing a bunch of tie downs and other pices of rope to make it reach we were able to pull it upright. Then to make matters worse i had to go get hydro fluid for it because it leaked it all out of the tank when it was fliped. So get the thing running again finish the job, and what happens, cant get it back up the hill. Ended up using the truck to pull it out. Oh yeah i was the first person to ever rent this machine, .1 hrs on the meter. Believe it or not after all this there wasnt a scrach on the the machine.
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