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Where to begin? Between farming and winters working in the oilfield I've witnessed quite a few &quot;mishaps&quot;.<p>Years ago I was swathing a field of rye with an old Versatile 103 self-propelled swather, when all of a sudden I was staring straight at the sky. The rear wheel assembly broke completely off of the swather, had a hell of a time getting it shut down.<p>Another time I sunk a John Deere 9600 combine with half a load of wheat on while crossing a washout. Had to unload the wheat on ground, and retrieval via a JD 7520 4wd tractor.<p>Buried a 40' air seeder. Took a tractor and a 5 ton winch truck to get out of that one.<p>In the oilfield a guy I worked with was cruising down a gravel road in a JD backhoe, he decided to shake some snow out of the front bucket. He dropped the bucket on the road. Damn near put him through the windshield. Broke a bunch of crap. I was waiting for him with a 1 ton at well site, he was afraid to call boss on radio. <p>We were installing a flow line in oilfield. Guy was digging down with a case hoe to uncover some lines we were going to tie into. Bucket slipped off frozen ground and hit live line. I was about 200 yards away in Komatsu trackhoe digging towards him. I noticed some oil on side window, thought to myself damn blew a hydraulic line. Than looked over my shoulder to see a 50 ft high gusher of oil coming from ground. And a bunch of guys scrambling to close a valve. That was a nightmare. Had to close down entire field. Worked until 3 in the morning in below zero weather till we got line patched. On a side note, I ran the trackhoe up to a well site where we called a hot water truck out to wash off all the crude. I almost killed myself, a laborer and the hot water truck driver. I swung the trackhoe around so the guy could wash the boom, without looking. I came within a few feet of hitting an overhead power line. Was very tired and not paying attention to what I was doing. It sure woke me up.<p>Many other stories. Kind of fun thinking back to some of these experiences
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