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good question

I know Permagreens can be purchased at local LESCO (JDL) stores, but the quality & performance of PG units have been outmatched by the T3000 & Z-Sprays (IMO). As far as I know, both TURFCO & L.T. Rich sell direct to the customer. Both offer a list of folks in a given area who have these units so people can check them out.

I'm guessing LESCO is tied in with Permagreen (as well as John Deere equipment), so this presents a problem. (too bad)

My two cents worth

QUOTE=turfcobob;2587640]I have a question left over from the GIE show? If you do not want to buy a
T3000 Applicator directly from Turfco Where would you like to buy it. Who would you like to sell T3000 applicators in your market? Let us know.

Proud subscriber of TURF Magazine. (thanks Ron)
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