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T3000 tires

The tires are narrower than the front tires of a PG, but they are wider than the front tires of Z-Spray units. What concerned us (just over a year ago) was the tread pattern.....we were used to knobby tires. So we were concerned about traction going up slopes.

Turned out that we could apply on steep hills (even on wet grass) without tearing up turf. Regarding soft soil + creating ruts: The first two days we had our T3000, it had rained for two days. We ran it all day long (with no ruts) even when all the rest of my guys came back early from push spreading.

We have received ZERO call backs regarding ruts from the T3000. (one customer had to pull the unit out of a muddy ditch once, but that was operator mistake).

Optimized weight distribution plus low center of gravity allows this unit to be the most versiltle/productive/safe ride-on we have ever tried.

I have seen many lawns ripped up by PG units, and we have seen Z-Sprays get stuck more than once (tow straps needed).

Hope this helps, cuz I'm not trying to sell....just telling what we know, cuz ruts have never been a prob.

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Tires look kind of narrow. Would that rut a yard?
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