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Originally Posted by South Florida Lawns View Post
Hey I have noticed a lot of pictures of you working with like 4 other companies ( Mystic, Peabody), but I see your sign in the yard. Do you guys get together and just split the profit?

Down here its totally different, everyone is for themselves.
The way it works is these are my jobs that i obtain and am responsible for all work and the whole process. Buddies of mine like Mystic and Impressions i either ask for them to work with me on the job or they offer. All they do is labor. I do all the billing and behind the scene stuff you don't see in the pics. They're paid an hourly rate or they make an offer for a specific amount of $$$ per day. Whatever is fair.
Originally Posted by boston9915 View Post
I actually just got off the phone with Tim's guys and All Pro's guys and they have arranged to smuggle me into Mexico.....

Last night on "INDecision" 2008
Colbert: We can now predict Georgia will go to McCain...
Stewart: That was a tight race for McCain...
Colbert: It was....
Stewart: We havent seen a dog fight that hard since Michael Vick's basement.....
So now you know Bryan? I rarely talk to him.
Originally Posted by Mowbizz View Post
Redmax Man, you have a pvt message from me...and yes this election was the dumbing down...some black woman (saw this on the internet) was so happy that she wouldn't need to worry anymore about paying her mortgage?? WTF????

I'm with you on making a move to mexico....
I replied.

Yeah i saw that lady. What a deceived brainwashed clutz.

Now i'm gona be on top of my game more then ever especially on the business side of things with finances.
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