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Originally Posted by zedosix View Post
Gee, thanks for the comments. "blushing" Here is an example of what I mean. When transitioning from one large area (patio) to a walkway, try to be creative and at the same time you save a bundle of time and material. No cutting cornners on design DVS, just logical to me.

Andy, the pic you posted is very impressive.

But, ok, how do I word this. Ok, in the pic you have an arbel circle at the end of the walk, which is what is transitioning the walk into the patio. Yet prior to the circle, the walk is set in a running bond pattern.

Your original comment regarded "cutting" and "saving time", it never mentioned "transitioning"

Other than you have a circle at the end, how is that running bond pattern any different than the angled pattern in the Jake's photo? Honestly, I believe Jake's workmanship in the cutting and mitering of the pavers in his walkway is outstanding. I know it took a while to do, but look at the end result!

No disrespect, and maybe I'm not understand what you're saying, Andy, or maybe you're not understanding what I'm saying, from an architectural standpoint I'm not seeing how your random pattern consists of any more logic than Jake's pattern. The circle is a nice touch. However from a drop-click-and-go mentality - then sure I understand ya. But from a mentality of "what can we do to make this really stand out" mentality - I'm not following ya.

One of the great things about paver work is that you can be as creative as you can dream. And with creativity - usually comes cutting and mitering pavers.
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