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Originally Posted by kevinlane View Post
About 12 now. I had about 18 going for awhile, but afew cancelled due to some lowballer, afew just stop paying. I have some that are commercial that are good accounts, but for the most part, it just isn't cutting it, lol no pun intended. Now heading into the slow season, its gonna hurt. I have done some advertising on craig's lost in the past, but I always get cheapo people, that don't want to pay for what I charge..... which is a very reasonable rate. I'm about to give up.
Before you give up you might want to try door hangers. Just buy some door hanger bags & just print your advertising on a piece of paper & fold it in half & then stuff it into the bag & hang it on a doorknob. I've had really good luck with these. But, it may be too late in the year for this (being that we have started the slow season). If you do decide to give up, keep me in mind, I might be interested in a couple of your accounts (seeing as how we live in the same area). If I can do anything for ya let me know.
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