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Speaking of giving up, I'm making a website & over like the last year I have bookmarked a bunch of Landscapers/lawn maintenance sites. Well, I had bookmarked about 20-30 sites & last night I was trying to look at them to get different ideas. Ya, about 5-10 of them didn't work! So, I guess a lot of co.'s are giving up. Unemployment is at 6.5% right now, I just heard that on the news. I would say that in the last year about 2 million people have been laid off or otherwise lost their jobs. I was at Northeast Mowers today & I asked how things are going & Chris (the lady at the front desk) said "SLOW". We're probably looking at quite a few more businesses going out of business in the next year or two. I know that I don't have any extra money to spend on ANYTHING. I'm making more money (profit, after expenses) then I've ever made in my life, but I'm just barely scraping by. Hopefully I won't be one of the many companies that goes out of business in the next couple of years because I would have to work 6 jobs to make what I'm making now!?!?
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