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Originally Posted by kevinlane View Post
Tell ya what bruthas, I may be getting out of the business. I just don't have enough accounts to keep it rolling. I'm in deep with bills, girlfriend is stressed.... residentials are not paying on time...or at all ..blah blah, getting tired of calling and chasing checks. Don't know what I am going to do unless something turns around.
I always tell my current customers that if they can get me their neighbor or a house down the street that I will knock a few dollars off their bill for the reference. Then I raise their price later on down the road. I just got 2 new yards in one month from doing this. Just don't take more than say $5 bucks off cuz it could hurt ya. Hang in there bud, thats basically what I'm doing now because I'm nowhere near the volume of customers that I had projected for the end of this year.
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