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Originally Posted by 4 seasons lawn&land View Post
BS, tell him no. Your prices are your prices. They make a name for your company, could get you more business, etc.

I know exactly what you mean 4 Seasons. Allthough I decided to give it a go today and see what came up and it really did come out more favorably. Not only was she really happy with the price, (I have no clue why when supposedly her original budget was $9200 ) but she couldnt be more happy and he was sitting right beside me the whole time she was going over everything. He actually helped close the deal for me because he has done alot of interior remodeling work for her and they had a better freindship than I previously knew about. Whatever moneys he is trying to make off her is between him, and yes I did have to up my proposal price by 3000 for him, but she was, and I am serious, more than happy to pay that amount and was so happy just to finally be having the work done. She actually added a couple things and the proposal ended up at 17,381.93. And because I take so much pride in my work and never undercut the job I think she will be very very happy and still spread the word about H2eco Land and Waterworks!

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