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Call it what he brother had Corvette owners in his class shaking his hand and commenting how he was tearing them up. They pull us in the straights but we kill them in the turns.......feels so good haha. Suspension is solid and we jsut upgraded the brakes to 4 piston aluminum Willwood kit with 1" larger rotor. Only thing that fits between the caliper and wheel now is a piece of paper.

The convertible was actually a Miata. That guy was smart as most people go off right there and shoot back across the track and into the tirewall..........dangerous spot. He saw he wasn't going to make it and kept the car straight.

My buddy took my car off track. End of the front straight he pushed the braking zone too far, saw he wasn't going to make the turn, hit the brakes, kept it straight and went out into the grass.

I went 2 wheels off and somewhat spun in a turn. Carried a cone around the track with me under the car......oops.
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