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good ride-ons ain't cheap

I know they're not cheap, but we're running about 50% more production with the T3000 compared to our previous ride-ons (Permagreens). Plus...little or no down time, no need to alter the unit, and it can treat 20 acre properties as well as small lawns. Gas efficient too (we've never had to use more than 2 1/2 gallons of fuel in a day = never having to carry extra gasoline)

IMO....if you have alot of accounts, I'd look at the T3000 as well as the Z-Sprays. If you are a small operator, I'd look at the T3000 or the unit from Ground Logic.

If you're looking to spend $2000, you might be able to get a used Permagreen Ultra (no carrier rack included).

Bottom line, a good ride-on can eliminate one employee, also saving salary taxes, etc. my 2 cents worth (BTW, my 2 favorites are TURFCO & L.T. Rich).

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Wow - that's about 4 times what I thought it might be!
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