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This is HPDE.....High Performance Driving Education. There is usually a governing body (NASA) and a sponsor......such as a Mazda event (which I ran in) or Honda or Porche......doesn't matter who the sponsor is really. There is a Porche/Ferrari class that I'm looking at running in because there are less people and a lot more track time but also more expensive.

Most events are $350 for (8) events over (2) days. Sessions are usually 25min each. I'm in "Group Two" and will probably stay in that group through next season as its faster then Group One. If I'm getting caught up in a lot of traffic I'll go ahead and jump to Group Three which gives you more passing options and faster cars. I'd rather run with faster cars because we don't care if they pull us in the straights but we don't want them slowing us down a whole lot in the turns. Anybody can drive fast in a straight line.

After we run next year and assuming business is still booming I'm swapping out the engine and boosting my power so that we say hello in the turns and goodbye in the straights .
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