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Go out during a weekend event, such as what I run in. During lunch time they will typically do what is called Parade Laps and you get to follow the pace car around the track. Its not high speed but you get to see the track. Also, talk to instrcutors. The deal with instructors is they get free track time for instructing. So while I may run 4 times that day, the instructors have their own 4 times where they run too. During this time they don't mind passengers and most usually have one. Depending on the event/body you may or may not be permitted to ride but typically just sign a waver. This really helped me a lot with driving as I learned what lines to run on the track and was more familar with the track vs someone who goes out to run their 1st time having never been on it.

If you do an actual event let me know. I'll set you up with what you need.......mostly get different brake fluid (higher boiling point) and pads and you'll be set. I was hit because of someone on stock pads...........they get hot, you lose them and you have to drive a lot slower or come off the track all together. BTW, don't worry about your car. My case was a very rare one being hit in HPDE. Its a very very very fun sport. You'll be doing things on track you can't on the street. For example.....I'm exiting one turn and entering another. While doing so I'm over correcting the car to upset the rear a little more because if the car gets just a little loose/side ways it sets me up better for hte next turn......all at 100mph. That is the fun.

I can talk this stuff forever......maybe we need a car thread too haha.
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