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I would tell the guy I made a mistake and I am very sorry but the entire
thing with the fee was wrong from the start.

Because I can now see what sparked the entire silly thing was the original mention of a finder's fee...
And the guy was wrong for suggesting the 3g but at the same rate I can see where he got the thought...

If we give a customer control over our business, it's the old saying of give them an inch and they take a mile,
and it's wrong but it also comes natural... They shouldn't, and don't ask me why they don't stop themselves
but then I guess they don't run a business so they wouldn't know why or how, that it is wrong is entirely a business
owner's interpretation and I am pretty sure a customer sees nothing of the sort, especially if a business owner
starts out on such a track it is not their responsibility to tell right from wrong, or is it?
But even if it is, who cares?

I think I would chalk this one up to experience, say lessons learned,
no more finder's or any other kind of fees or bonuses for anyone that doesn't work FOR the company.

Which, to be fair I think that's the way it should've been.

Now that's just my .02

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