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Heygrassman, the code on your site could use a little tweaking. It doesn't preload the secondary images. After the page is fully loaded, when moving the mouse over the menu, it then downloads the secondary image. Move over another menu item, and again wait for the image.
If they were preloaded into the browser cache, the mouseover would occur instantly. Your animate.js javascript is larger in size than all the code and text on your home page. But bandwidth isn't really a concern unless it's a very busy site.

BTW, MS Frontpage does not create very efficient code.
Your pics on the "before and after" page (I clicked on the little shovel image) are huge (1280x960) and when you "resize" them in Front Page to width="300" height="225", it just displays them smaller (it doesn't actually resize the image) and the visual quality is actually much worse, not to mention bandwidth again. To view that page in actual size in full quality, you would need a monitor about 4 feet wide and 3 feet tall.

I am not trying to offend you either, just offering a few tips and advice (even if you didn't ask for it )

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