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Originally Posted by Picasso View Post
wow!!!! your lucky as **** you have another machine, that would have been a very expensive job to get that pulled out. i could have sworn everyone told me just a few days ago ex's never get stuck..... i knew that was bs and it looks like you do to.

is that dirt getting moved to a on site dump?

is it getting hauled in your buddies trucks? how are they getting in and out of the whole? can we hear the plan of attack.

I never said they were impossible to get stuck, just hard to. In this case I was 30 miles away from the machine when I got the call it was stuck so I don't know if there was any precaution that could have been used to advoid this. I would say maybe it could have but it was sitting on top of the mats that are suppose to keep it floating.

It would have been impossible to get it pulled out with a tow truck. it was probably 500' from the road down a steep hill that nothing without tracks could get up/ down it. I've go several people who I could borrow machines from anyways.

As far as what were going to do now, that's Plan "B"

And what is plan "B" ... I don't know yet... plan "A ' was suppose to work

"Life is like running a motor grader. You have to look down the road and plan for whats ahead and not down at your feet!"

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