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Originally Posted by Picasso View Post
maybe for plan b - start at the very edge and work your way in, hauling all the slop out and keeping on good hard ground (if it has a bottom). i bet theres about 10' of muck on top of anything stable by the looks of it though. it would make for alot of dirt though. thats an awsome project!! you seem to get all the best jobs.
The job was bidded for Plan "A" to work. I'm going to go ahead a get out a whole tube of greased becasue I may be getting ready to get F***ed.

I've done tons of jobs for these property managers in the past, so hopefully they'll be understanding. Got a meeting with them first thing in the morning.

"Life is like running a motor grader. You have to look down the road and plan for whats ahead and not down at your feet!"

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