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This is hogwash. there is no problem with using Z's on smaller long as they are using care in not scuffing turf on turns (most common cause of damage with Z's). These irrigation heads are the same heads that are used on smaller AND/OR wider areas. If any mower damage is occurring, it is because these heads are either improperly installed, or are cheap heads that don't retract all the way because of weak springs. Take this advice from someone who has been in the maintenance AND irrigation business since 1983. I've seen this LITERALLY dozens of times with cheaper lower line heads that do one or more of these things previously mentioned. Some heads in fact, are even constructed of cheaper, thinner, brittle plastic. Are these of yours heads mister, impact, or gear drive heads? Do they retract ALL THE WAY down into the ground when they shut down? Are they mounted on flex pipe? I see great amounts of "sub-standard" work done by other irrigation companies all the time. In all irrigation heads that are properly installed, the chances of any breakage are an EXTREME minimal. The only ones I really see break - are the ones that aren't buried all the way (sometimes they heave up out of the ground from frosts and thaws), and the ones that do not retract all the way. Even the pressure of a ztr TURNING on a head shouldn't hurt it. Bottom line is, you almost have to purposely try to destroy these heads if they are properly placed in the ground and working properly to break them.
as far as the comment of getting their lazy rears off their ztr's, in business, it usually just doesn't work that way. You take our company for instance, and many on here (this site) will concur with this, because we have had this conversation here many times before,... If I have an island of grass big enough for a z to go on and turn around, then that's what is being used. There are services on here that do literally up to hundreds of accounts a week to fill their route, and if they have an 8 or $9000 machine sitting on the trailer they are paying for, they are going to use it.

Thank you, Dad - for always being the dad that you were. You truly are my hero. You always were.

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