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Originally Posted by Runner View Post
And in all fairness, on Marcos' end of it...I absolutely agree with what he is saying that in most cases, a smaller mower WILL do a finer job as far as CUT quality, and in many cases - are even more EFFICIENT in many smaller areas. And yes,...they do have a lighter footprint than most Z's. I was, however, just emphasizing on the damage to irrigation aspect of the conversation.
Not to get off the main subject here, but some large factors in this production issue is the ability of the wb's to turn around faster - especially in tight confines and keep moving over uncut grass, and secondly, a wb's ability to trim in a bit closer to many things, which makes a larger amount of difference on the real smaller islands.

hhmm i can manouzer my z easier than my WB. I have more control and and my z decks only 4" larger than my 48 WB. I do agree a smaller deck does less scalping but in my opinion, unless there is a circumstance that a WB is needed, such as a steep hill then the z is always more productive even on small lots.
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